Michelle Obama Visits the Mecca

I wish someone told me that 2003-2007 was not the time to attend Howard University. Today, the First Lady addressed 250 students at my alma mater during the panel discussion “Home, Work, Community: the Role of African American Women as Change Agents”. I found this quote rather poignant considering the inexplicable outrage over her Vogue cover:

"All I know is that it's important for you to be true to yourselves, not to worry too much about what other people are going to think or make of your choices, because everyone will question what you do and tell you you should've done it the other way."

This may explain why the unnecessarily controversial photo was about her image and not the styles of Vogue or Annie Leibovitz. As you can see, I still do not understand what all of the fuss is about. Moving on, I’m sure one of the nation’s most fashionable colleges approved of this lovely red Maria Pinto fall 2009 dress and long strand of pearls. Grade: A.

Photo: whitehouse.gov

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