Michelle Obama in Miami

While most New Yorkers dragged themselves to work today in the cold and rain dressed in all black, Lady O was glowing in Miami.  She spoke at a luncheon at Miami Dade College wearing a J.Crew cardigan and floral dress.


Tomika aka "Meka" said...

I love that our First Lady chooses comfort and style just as we do. I hope that this is providing young women who look up to "on stage preformers" as style icons to a better way of dressing. I hope they really rethink and bring back the "Ladylike" approach to dressing. I am loving the Obama's in the White House.

I also enjoy your comentary. You do a wonderful job of keeping me coming back for more.

Shaena said...

Thanks, Tomika! I'm glad you enjoy the blog. And you're right. Michelle Obama's style is just one of the many reasons why she is adored.