Lady O in Pink, Leopard, Sequins for Church

Michelle Obama attended a prayer service with the family this morning at St. John's Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C.  She went for a more playful look than the Peter Soronen dress she wore to church on Easter Sunday.   

Lady O broke down her Moschino suit from Congress and just wore the circle skirt.  Instead of the coordinating jacket, she covered up with a pink leopard print cardigan with sequin details and chiffon trim.  Her trademark bow around her waist.

Thoughts on this look: too springy? or does she make it work?


Chloe Bee said...

Hey Ms. Henry! Excellent blog and the concept is amazing. It's great to hear a perspective of Ms. Obama that doesn't demean her credentials. And the fact that you are an HU gal like myself (HU YOU KNOW!) doesn't hurt! Keep this wonderful blog coming and thank you!

Shaena said...

Hey Miss Bee!

Thank you so much for the encouragement and HU love! The motivation is needed as Mrs. Obama is a lot to keep up with!

P.S. Make sure you follow First Lady of Style on Twitter and join the Facebook group, too!