First Lady Lunches in Color

I live in New York where the thought of wearing any color brighter than grey never crosses my mind between November and March. So, either it’s April in D.C. or Michelle Obama is beyond fashion dos and don’ts . My guess is the latter. The First Lady was decked out in blue and green for lunch this afternoon at Georgia Brown’s in Washington with D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty, his wife, Michelle, and Jill Biden. Not sure about a designer yet, but the robin egg blue coat and asymmetric sheath dress look very Maria Pinto-ish to me. And the always economy-friendly Lady O is getting her cost per wear out of that MLK Day sapphire belt and those Inauguration Jimmy Choos. See, just when it seems like the First Lady is a product of our wild imaginations, she reminds us that she’s just like us…kind of. Anyway, check out her arrival and crowd reactions here.

*Update: Coat is by J Crew.


First Lady Plays Favorites

The First Lady hosted a reception in the State Dining room today after President Obama signed his first bill into law, the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Lady O in a suit, and a while since a woman in the White House has made one look interesting. She went for a cropped jacket in place of the traditional blazer and ditched the predictable stiff shirt for a silk v-neck blouse underneath. Her signature pearls, fresh face, and that inexplicably flawless hair made the perfect accessories per usual.

And who could be responsible for this? ::Drumroll:: Narciso!

Earlier this morning, the First Lady and President Obama visited Sidwell Friends School, where their youngest daughter, Sasha, attends school. Michelle covered up in a purple silk scarf and the Narciso Rodriguez coat she wore to the Arlington National Cemetery service. At least someone's career is taking off these days.

Michelle the next Jackie O?...Please.

Readers, I am troubled. All this speculation of Michelle Obama being the next Jackie O…well, it bothers me. It’s a bit hasty, no? I look at both as fashionable women, but their styles are actually very different. Let’s observe.

Jackie was a patron of high-end French labels such as Givenchy, Chanel, Christian Dior, and Oleg Cassini. Michelle prefers more economy-friendly clothing by American designers like J. Crew, H &M, Maria Pinto, and Thakoon. Jackie played it safe in solid pieces and traditional colors like red, black, and beige, while Michelle is unpredictable and bold in floral prints, stripes, and (gasp!) lemongrass in January. And lastly, Jackie was defined by and is specifically remembered for her style. Michelle’s style is simply the bonus in her package of two Ivy League degrees, influential career, and fascinating husband and kids. Need I go on?

True, Michelle Obama is the only First Lady with a blog-worthy wardrobe since Jacqueline Kennedy; however, all fashionistas do not exude style alike.


Taking It Easy

Even after 20 months of supporting a presidential campaign and moving into the White House just last week, Michelle makes being the First Lady look easy. After a weekend of getting all dolled up, she went back to basics for the Obama Staff Ball the night after Inauguration Day. There’s something so adorable about this black ruched dress paired with knee-high boots, and the side swept pony tail brings out her youth.


Real Love

I found this photo quite charming.

That's all. :-)


The Morning After

If you thought Michelle Obama made a bold statement in Isabel Toledo on Tuesday, then Wednesday morning's number must have been a slap in the face, huh? I’m sure a few eyebrows rose when the First Lady arrived at the National Prayer Service in this audacious fall 2008 frock by Tracy Feith, but here’s why it works: 1. The scoop neck and fitted bodice soften her athletic shape. 2. It’s A-line cut is perfect for conservative settings like church, but still flatters. 3. The black background appeals to those who like to keep it neutral in these colder months, while the bright patterns jazz it up, making it appropriate for all seasons. 4. Once again, Lady O is recognizing the talent of emerging American fashion designers. 5. Michelle’s lively and unconventional wardrobe reflects what the First Family stands for: hope and change.


A Message for the First Lady’s Unfashionable Police

By now you’re aware of the praises surrounding Lady O’s inauguration ensembles. However, I was overwhelmed by the amount of criticism. Of course, I thought Michelle Obama’s looks were graceful and innovative so no need to dedicate an entire blog post to that. Instead, I share my reactions to the grievances.
So what she wore “lemongrass” in the middle of winter? The color yellow denotes joy and optimism, exactly what January 20, 2009 was all about. I found the bright dress and matching coat made of lace over wool a relief from the typical first lady inauguration suiting of something dark, boxy, and drab. Plus, what First Lady of the United States would have the guts to pair a yellow dress with green Jimmy Choos? Think about it. ...REALLY, people? The “lemongrass” drew attention away from Barack Obama’s moment? Right. Because when Michelle Obama stepped out, the fact that America elected a black man for president after over 200 years of African American slavery, segregation, and current racial gaps was forgotten. Let’s not be so silly, folks.
So what, her inauguration dress wasn’t by an African American designer? OK. Black Artists Association, consider this: Michelle Obama is showing her support for up-and-coming American designers and stimulating our economy while doing so. Not to mention, the majority of them are people of color. (Wu, Toledo, Rodriguez, Panichgul…HELLO.) Black people: this “Crabs in a Barrel” mentality is getting really old. And if you’re that pissed off, there’s always 2012. ...Hate it or love it, but I suggest you start loving it because Lady O’s style is not going anywhere for the next four..Excuse Me..eight years.


So Far So Good

If Michelle’s pre-inauguration wardrobe is any indication of what’s to come today, then we can expect great things! Check out what the Lovely Lady O has graced us with so far.

Along the Obama Express, Lady O put an end to the myth that you can’t be cute and warm at the same time. Here, she’s cozy in a vintage-inspired coat by Sonia Rykiel. A periwinkle Zero + Maria Cornejo jacket pops underneath and monochromatic accessories with knee-high boots pull it all together.

Even when she works hard, she looks good. Michelle gave back to the community on MLK Day in pinstripe fitted pants with a smartly belted cardigan.

Last night at the Kid’s Inaugural Concert for military families, the First Lady let moms know that you can look fab at any age in this darling J. Crew outfit.


Narciso Never Fails

Seems like Michelle’s got a thing for Narciso Rodriguez. And who could blame her? His chic, modern style could steal any fashionista’s heart. Despite the beating she took for her first Narciso pick on election night, Michelle gave it another shot. Peep this violet coat she wore to the service at the Arlington National Cemetery yesterday morning. Tres chic. While the First Lady enjoyed star-studded performances at the “We Are One” concert later that afternoon, I could not take my eyes off of her stunning camel and black Narciso Rodriguez suit. Although this look is closer to traditional First Lady attire-totally not Lady O-Michelle’s style still shines through. Perhaps it was the jewel encrusted top or the $17,000 diamond chandelier Loree Rodkin earrings? Classic and professional, yet glam. Approved!